Dedicated to the whole care of your child.

Welcome to Eastlake Pediatrics, P.C.

Eastlake Pediatrics, P.C. is a patient-centered medical practice, dedicated to the whole care of your child, head to toe. We treat children of all ages with the care and technique that makes them and you feel better.

Our goal is to provide your child with the highest standard of healthcare possible. We value a strong link between you, your child and our physicians.

To have this link, you need to have open and honest discussions regarding your child's health with our physicians. Our staff and physicians will make every effort to work with you to promote your child's good health, development and safety. Our pediatricians at Eastlake Pediatrics strive to give optimal care, so we encourage you to contact us for your child's health care needs.

If medical treatment, testing and/or follow-up office visits are needed, following through with those recommendations are key to keeping your child healthy or treating an illness. The goal of the physicians and staff at Eastlake Pediatrics is to keep your child in the best of health.

View our doctors section to learn more about us and our history of quality care and experience. You can also save yourself time at check in by filling out our Patient Information Form Online and hitting print. Please take a moment to know your rights as a patient and read our HIPAA policy. Also please note we do not give out medical advice over the internet. For more information please read our Disclaimer. We are excited to welcome you and your family into our Eastlake Pediatrics family, and look forward to meeting you.

To make an appointment call us at (586) 776-1010.